Cheat Drug Tests

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How To Pass Any Drug Test

Can I use mouthwash to cheat a drug swab test?
How To

Enhance Drug Test Results with the Best Mouthwash for Swab Tests: Expert Recommendations

Drug testing with swabs is a popular method. Folks often ask: what are the best mouthwashes to use for drug ...
Can I pass a drug test with hand sanitizer
How To

Can Hand Sanitizer Help Me Pass a Drug Test? Expert Urologist Rebecca Stephens Answers

A drug test can be daunting, especially if you’re uncertain of the results. But, does hand sanitizer affect them? Here’s ...
Can I pass a drug test with Certo?
How To

Passing a Drug Test with Certo: Expert Urologist’s Guide to Pre-Employment Urine Screening

Drug tests can be scary, especially when your job depends on it. A popular method gaining attention is using Certo, ...
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Cheat Drug Tests

Learn how to pass any drug test

Get up to date information on how to detox and cleanse to pass any drug test, urine test or saliva swab

Drug Test Detox Product Reviews

Stinger Detox Clean - A Whole Body Cleanser that tastes like Pink Lemonade

Stinger Detox Clean an Extra Strength Whole Body Cleanser

Today I’m going to share my thoughts on the Pink Lemonade flavored Stinger Detox Cleanser (a Whole Body, 1 Hour ...
Easy@Home Drug Test Kits for quick results before an employment test

Easy@Home Best Selling Drug Test Kit Gives Quick Results

Let me start by saying that if you have a urine test for pre-employment, probation or parole meeting, you must ...

Does This Biz Piss Test?

Does Manpower drug test for pre-employment?
Does Manpower Drug Test? A Urologist’s Perspective on Pre-Employment Urine Drug Screening
Drug testing is a common practice at Manpower. I often get asked if they ...
Does Tesla drug test for pre-employment?
Does Tesla Drug Test? What You Need to Know About Pre-Employment Urine Screening
Do Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, conduct drug tests on their employees? As an ...
Does Harbor Freight drug test for pre-employment?
Does Harbor Freight Drug Test? A Urologist’s Perspective on Pre-Employment Urine Testing
Harbor Freight is a well-known retailer for its large selection of tools and equipment. ...

Urine Tests

How to read drug test results from a urology lab
Understanding Urine Test Lab Results: A Guide to Reading Drug Test for Pre-Employment Screening

Interpreting drug test results from the lab can be tricky. As a urologist, I’ve seen many who can’t read these results accurately. Let me guide you through it! …

How to pass drug tests, the best method to pass urine drug tests fast
How to Pass a Urine Drug Test; Tips From a Urologist
Need to pass a urine drug test fast? Find out how to pass your drug test when it matters most.


Does CPS Child Protective Service drug test?
Understanding CPS Drug Testing: An Insight on Child Protective Service Urine Tests

As a urologist, I can provide insights about the drug tests utilized by Child Protective Services (CPS). These tests take place pre-employment to guarantee the safety of the …

Do Temp Agencies drug test and is it legal?
The Truth About Temp Agencies and Drug Testing: Pre-Employment Urine Tests for Temp Workers Explained
Do temp agencies do drug tests and is it legal? As a urologist, I’m asked this often. Here’s the info you ...
Do felons get drug tested?
Understanding Drug Testing for Felons: Parole, Probation, and Pre-Employment Screening
Drug testing of felons, on parole or probation, is a common practice. These tests are usually conducted with urine samples. It ...