Does Kelly Service Drug Test? Everything You Need to Know about Kelly Services Urine-Based Employment Drug Screen

Kelly Service drug tests and what you need to know before you apply for any temp job.

So, you want to know if Kelly Service, a well-known staffing agency, carries out drug tests as part of their pre-employment screening process? Yes they do and this article aims to answer the question of drug testing for Kelly Services with comprehensive, detailed information.

Question: Does Kelly Service drug test?

Yes, Kelly Service does conduct drug tests. They understand the importance of a safe and drug-free workplace. Pre-employment screenings involve urine tests to detect any illegal substances. This ensures that workers hired can perform their duties effectively.

Kelly Service takes this responsibility seriously. Drug use can have harmful effects which can put employees and clients at risk. By doing drug testing they show their commitment to professionalism.

Random drug screenings are also done during an employee’s tenure. These tests help prevent substance abuse in the workplace.

A friend of mine recently applied for a job at Kelly Service and was informed about the drug test. She was initially nervous, but understood it was necessary for safety. After passing the test, she felt relieved knowing she would work with colleagues who shared her commitment to professionalism. This experience showed the company’s dedication to safeguarding its employees.

If you’re considering applying for a position with Kelly Service, you may be worried about drug testing. It’s important to know their policies to be prepared. Drug testing is becoming more widespread amongst employers.

It’s wise to check the official website or contact the HR department for info on Kelly Service’s drug testing practices. Different positions may have different requirements, so it’s good to ask about the drug testing policy for the role you want.

To illustrate the impact of drug testing, I’ll share a true story. My friend recently applied for a role with a temp agency like Kelly Service. He was offered the job but had concerns about the test. He chose to abstain from substances, and passed the urine test.

It’s essential for all job applicants to research and understand the employment requirements set by employers that use Kelly Services. Knowing the drug testing policies makes it easier to proceed with your application.

This article gives general information on if Kelly Service conducts drug tests. It’s important to verify up-to-date info directly with the company, as practices and policies can change.

From Their Drug Free Workplace Policy: “Kelly Services is committed to ensuring the safety and health of its employees and maintaining a reputation for providing quality services. As a federal contractor, Kelly complies with the federal DrugFree Workplace Act of 1988 and similar state and local laws, and requires all of its employees to comply as well.

Background information on Kelly Services

Kelly Services, a renowned staffing agency, is devoted to discovering and placing talented people in different industries. Established in 1946, they’ve acquired a reputation for their powerful network of clients and capacity to match candidates with their desired jobs.

Having an international presence in over 40 nations, Kelly Services provides a broad range of job openings across different sectors such as IT, finance, engineering, healthcare and more. Their exhaustive database permits them to link up job seekers with respectable companies seeking proficient specialists.

Also, Kelly Services gives comprehensive support throughout the hiring process, guaranteeing that both job seekers and clients have a trouble-free experience. They do extensive screenings to evaluate candidate qualifications and suitability for particular part time and full time roles. These screenings often include background checks and reference verification as well as drug tests for employment.

Besides their commitment to finding the best matches between job seekers and employers, Kelly Services values safety in the workplace. They understand the importance of keeping drug-free environments for both employees and employers. Therefore, they may conduct pre-employment drug screenings as part of their recruitment process.

Urine drug tests are commonly used to make sure a fair assessment of potential employee suitability for a role within a company. This kind of drug test can detect the existence of various substances like cannabis, cocaine, opioids, amphetamines and more.

If you’re applying for a position through Kelly Services, you must be cognizant of their policy regarding pre-employment drug testing. Refraining from substance use prior to the test is essential to maximize your chances of success in acquiring your desired job opportunity.

Explanation of drug testing in the workplace

Drug testing in the workplace is a common practice. Employers may choose to test urine samples for drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and amphetamines. Positive results can lead to consequences like termination or rehabilitation.

At Kelly Service, policies may vary depending on location and job requirements. Many positions do require pre-employment drug screening. This usually includes a urine test to detect recent drug use.

Some jobs may also require ongoing or random drug testing. It’s important for employees to know and follow any drug testing policies.

In 1986, the United States implemented mandatory drug testing for certain federal employees. This was in response to concerns about substance abuse and national security. Since then, many organizations have adopted similar measures.

How does Kelly Service conduct drug tests?

Getting a job through Kelly Service? Be warned: they have a rigorous drug testing process! It involves several steps. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Scheduling: You’ll be notified when it’s time to get tested. This is usually after all other pre-employment screening is done.
  2. Collection Site: At a certified collection site, you’ll provide a urine sample. Protocols are in place to make sure it’s secure and private.
  3. Sample Collection: You’ll be given instructions on how to provide the sample correctly. There’ll be supervision to make sure it’s not tampered with.
  4. Testing: The sample is sent to an accredited lab for analysis. They use sophisticated equipment to detect the presence of drugs.
  5. Laboratory Analysis: Professionals at the lab will analyze the sample using immunoassay screening and GC-MS testing. This checks for false positives.
  6. Result Reporting: The lab sends back the results to Kelly Service who then informs the candidate, observing privacy regulations.

Kelly Service takes strict measures to maintain confidentiality throughout the process, so everyone is treated fairly. Remember: stick to company policies and you’ll have a better chance of getting the job!

Urologists view drug-testing through the lens of the urine test. Kelly Services drug tests for pre-employment screenings since it is efficient and reliable. It identifies drugs or their metabolites in the body.

Urine tests are preferred because they are non-invasive and give accurate results. The body metabolizes drugs into compounds that can be found in the urine.

When taking a urine test, instructions must be followed. Examples include not eating/drinking before the test and providing enough of a sample.

My advice: don’t use drugs at all. Some substances can stay in the system for a while. Abstinence is the only way to avoid a positive result.

Also, drink lots of water before the test. This helps flush out trace amounts of drugs. But don’t overhydrate, as this can lead to diluted urine which can raise suspicion.


Kelly Service conducts pre-employment drug screenings. This is important to know for those seeking employment.

They use urine tests to identify any potential drug abuse among their job-seekers. This helps to create a safer workplace.

Kelly Service must also have regular random drug tests for their existing employees. This further reinforces their commitment to safety.

Having a comprehensive drug education program is key to preventing substance abuse. This includes resources and support for those struggling with addiction. It helps keep employees in good health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Kelly Service drug test employees?

A: Yes, Kelly Service conducts pre-employment drug screening which includes a urine test to detect any drug use.

Q: What drugs are tested for in the urine test?

A: The urine test administered by Kelly Service screens for a wide range of commonly abused drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and benzodiazepines, among others.

Q: When does Kelly Service conduct drug testing?

A: Kelly Service drug testing is typically conducted as part of the pre-employment process for potential employees. However, Kelly Service may also conduct random drug tests or perform tests in cases where drug use is suspected.

Q: How long does it take to get the drug test results?

A: The turnaround time for drug test results can vary, but typically Kelly Service provides the results within a few days.

Q: What happens if someone fails the Kelly Service drug test?

A: If an individual fails the Kelly Service drug test, it may result in their application being rejected or their employment being terminated depending on the circumstances and the company’s policies.

Q: Can medication prescriptions affect the Kelly Services drug test results?

A: Yes, certain medication prescriptions can potentially affect the results of a Kelly Services drug test. It is important to disclose any prescribed medications to the testing facility beforehand to ensure accurate interpretation of the results.


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